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Higher Power

Along the way, you are going to hear me refer to a "higher power", and I wanted to take a moment to elaborate.

First off, I am not here to preach to you. Don't get me wrong. I genuinely don't care whether you have a God, or which one (or several) if so.

I believe a significant idea to consider, or a good starting point, is that there is a "power" greater than myself.

It doesn't necessarily mean supernatural power. That "power" could be me talking to one other person - because that person's mind plus my mind together are clearly greater than mine alone.

Thought is a power. Good will is a power. Trust is a power. Love is a power.

The point is, it doesn't have to be God, or Allah, or Jesus, or Buddha. For me personally, I am comfortable in the notion of God. Perhaps you are too. Or perhaps you don't feel yourself to be religious, but more "spiritual". This "power" or "guide" for you in the world, could be called your intuition. Perhaps you are an atheist. That "power" greater than yourself could be Physics, or the laws of Nature, or the magic of Music.

What I do know is, it cannot just be me. I cannot be the Captain of my ship.

Dan Sanfellipo -
Author & Speaker

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My Book

I'm in the process of producing an exciting series of books, written with the help of amazing Karen Vandenberg. Watch this space!

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