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Update on Project UFL!

We are really pleased to announce that we have found a venue for our meetings under the UFL Project - our non-profit brother to Unlocked For Life.

These will be meetings for guys - survivors from doing time - that have just got out after being locked up in jail or prison for some time or that keep getting locked up because they don't have a support system that will pull them into the main stream of society and give them the resources and relations needed.

This Saturday is the first of our meetings, and we have rooms in Santa Ana thanks to the support of Carlos Muniz, Vice President of the Orange County Hispanic Chamber of Commerce.

So, Saturday 13th from 9am until 11am: the address is Room 2 upstairs, 2130 E. 4th. St. Santa Ana, CA 92705. If you have just got out of jail or prison, or you have a loved one who is caught up in that cycle, come and check us out!

We are there to support you and help by sharing our experience, our strength, and our hope. We aim to relate to those who are in the position we were once in, answer questions, share resources, and to reduce the isolation of the individuals who attend and mentor them as they re-enter society and seek success.

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