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The Importance of Routine

The top dogs in every field did not get there simply by chance. Research has shown that, throughout history, the most successful people in their fields almost all had daily routines. These routines provide structure, focus, and encourage productivity.

A good routine can make the difference between floating through life and actually accomplishing things. Without becoming a slave to routine, there are certain points of my day that I do try to keep the same.

An important aspect of my personal routine is Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. I make sure I attend my Jiu Jitsu school – the Gracie Barra Head Quarters – for training three times a week (more on the approach to competition time). No matter how wiped out I feel at the end of a work day, sticking to my routine of going to the school and physically training hard always makes me feel better – more invigorated, more challenged, and more healthy in mind and body.

In addition to making me a more worthy adversary on the mat (receiving medals on the podium at the IBJJF American Nationals (1st), IBJJF Worlds (3rd), and the Abu Dhabi Grand Slam (2nd) tournaments this year), this regular training has affected me off the mat too – I am more centered, more organized, more prepared, more controlled, and overall better equipped both in the business world and in my personal life.

Inside the cell, I relied upon routine to get through each day, so that they could add up to pass the weeks, months, and years. Outside “in the real world”, the daily, weekly, monthly, and even annual stresses of”normal life” can get overwhelming. By creating a routine and scheduling in things that you don’t have control over, you’re actually taking control of them psychologically, which can be far more important than physically. For anyone feeling a bit “out of control” or overwhelmed, I would immediately recommend a good routine – one that is easy to stick to, that you can build upon slowly as you feel more and more in control.

Just make sure – as I do with Jiu Jitsu – that there are items in that routine that you ENJOY! Add in a walk in the park, or a jog with your partner / dog / favorite playlist, and don’t become a slave to that routine – a little spontaneity is good too!

Dan Sanfellipo -
Author & Speaker

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