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Welcome to Unlocked For Life

There is a massive problem in our society with re-entry of former prisoners. Sources vary in their statistics, but the last ones I saw estimated that at least 70% of offenders return to jail or prison within 1-2 years of release.

I, Dan Sanfellipo, was one such repeat inmate. I spent decades in incarceration whether it be jail, prison, or youth detention. In 2011 I made the conscious decision to kick the habit of returning to jail. I made a series of changes to my attitude, my beliefs, and my habits. I changed the path I was on, for good.

My experience drove me to start PATH Smart Associations - PATH standing for Personal Awareness Training Helps - and now I have an amazing team behind me; together we are creating Unlocked For Life, our jail rehabilitation program. With this program, I will share the processes and methods I used to turn my life around, and help others like me break the habit of returning to jail.

Our goal is to provide on-line and face-to-face coaching, education, support, and guidance for behavior modification, self-discovery, and personal development that will reduce an offender’s isolation and increase their success potential.

Unlocked For Life will have a Resource Center here in Orange County, where past offenders can come to find safe haven and use as a base from which to build their home, relationships, employment, in all a new life, with help from me and a host of volunteers.

Whether you are interested as a participant, an investor, a volunteer, or a donor, I would sincerely like to say: Welcome On Board!

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Dan Sanfellipo -
Author & Speaker

Unlocked For Life means you've found the PATH to Freedom.

PATH stands for Personal Awareness Training Helps. It won't do the work for you, but if you're willing to do the work you can be on your way down the PATH to freedom for now. And forever.

So go ahead. Unlock YOUR Life.

One on One Coaching from our team


(Valued at $250)

"Anything the human mind can conceive and believe, the human mind can achieve" Napoleon Hill


Let us help you discover how to unlock your life.

My Book

I'm in the process of producing an exciting series of books, written with the help of amazing Karen Vandenberg. Watch this space!

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