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Daniel J Sanfellipo

Founder & Expert Speaker

Dan spent most of his life going in and out of jail. His repeat offending and repeat incarceration drove him to realise he had to start a new life, or the spiral would continue - to an abrupt and fatal end.  Dan drew from multiple sources and teachings and made a series of personal changes; those key changes needed now form the basis for the Unlocked For Life coaching program.

Featured in the book Street Smart Secrets, Dan brings extensive experience, resources, contacts, personal awareness training, coaching and management skills to the team. With his business background initially in the auto industry, Dan has been manager, owner, and operator with companies such as Cottman Transmissions, Auto Care America, and Auto Alliance. He has a proven track record in consumer product and service sales, consultancy for business growth, and is currently a partner in The Auto Policy Center, a successful new company in Irvine, Ca.

Michael Torres Jaimes

Featured Expert

Michael Torres Jaimes is no stranger when it comes to understanding what it is to choose a life making all the wrong choices.  Choices that ended up resulting in a 10 year Federal prison sentence.

Through a process of study, application, and spiritual transfomation, Michael was presented with a calling to help others wake up from the illusion that leads to  “the poor little me syndrome”.  Since his release he has continued to take various personal growth classes, graduating at the highest level from PSI seminars, Ike Pono, Marshall Thurber’s world games, and others.  

Michael strives to make an impact upon his release from prison.  He coaches individuals on how to attain freedom…freedom from their own mind, he volunteers as staff at PSI seminars, and he presents motivational speeches at Emerging Leaders Program (a mentoring program for newly released prisoners and helps them integrate back into society).   

Cain Vincent Dyer

Featured Expert

Cain went from serving as a US Marine, to become one of 'America's Most Wanted' Bank Robbers. After a spiritual transformation and with the love and support of Agape International Spiritual Center, Cain is now a motivational speaker along side Clyde Terry the Emerging Leader Program (where they mentor incarcerated and newly released prisoners and help them re-integrate into society), and he is also a top aid to the prominent Dr. Reverend Michael Bernard Beckwith.

Karen VanDenBerg

Editor & Writer

Active in her own recovery from alcoholism (8/3/2012), Karen brings 31 years of corporate experience to her role as the Founder, Publisher and Editor of Step 12 Magazine, a recovery magazine based out of Oceanside California.

Using her experience, strength, and hope to inspire and motivate change in individuals and encourage acceptance and support within the community, Karen has a natural gift of presenting the essence of a situation or experience into a written journey.

Karen creatively and diligently works to share a message of hope for anyone struggling with difficult life circumstances by bringing together information, inspiration, and resources in a format that is fun and easy to understand -- always under the direction of a power greater than herself. 

Mira Schiratis

Counselor & Administrative Manager

A brilliant artist, healer, administrative professional, and entrepreneur, Mira Lisa Schiratis has been working with Unlocked for Life since its inception.  She brings over twenty-five years of professional personal development experience to the program, including Landmark Education and a plethora of holistic understanding. 

Mira has an innate ability to connect with people; she meets each person in front of her where they’re at, sees their strengths, and intuitively guides them on a path to seeing their own value. 

As a group facilitator, Mira pulls from her many years of experience in a wide variety of industries from at risk youth and underprivileged communities to Universities and Alternative Healing.  Mira also serves as the Administrative Manager for Unlocked for Life and Path Systems as a whole.  
Mira’s passion is to see lives flourish.  She has always been on a journey of healing for herself, and finds great peace in offering the gift of guidance toward healing and success to others.

Steve Burgess

Steve is a Principal of Global Marketing Resources, a premier provider of affordable, effective organic internet marketing.

With over 30 years of senior executive experience, he has led some of the fastest growing and most successful companies in America. For example, he turned around and led the 6th fastest growing small public company (NASDAQ) in the U.S. (as rated by Inc. magazine 1990-94) and was a key executive in a (NYSE) company that went from zero to $1.25 Billion in revenues in just 5 years. He also led 2 other startups from zero to almost $20 million in revenue in just 3 years each.

Steve is a recognized expert in internet marketing for businesses.He has made radio and television appearances and has delivered keynote speeches to leading organizations like Samsung International, and business forums and conferences across the United States. He is a #1 Best Selling author and has co-authored 4 books.

Sunni Sukumar

Digital Marketing Manager

Sunni has built both B2B and B2C social networks as a software engineer and led data mining as part of the growth strategy at one of the world's largest companies in the travel niche. His 15 years of technical experience fuel his trust-driven online sales expertise to build, track, and scale buzz-worthy marketing campaigns. He works with a proven team of technology implementers, designers, and content creators to get the job done.

Ajay Prasad

Ajay is the Founder and President of Global Marketing Resources, an international marketing firm based in Tustin, CA. In his role, Ajay guides small and medium size firms through designing their online marketing and advertising campaigns for maximum impact. Prior to GMR, Ajay had over 17 years of marketing & business management experience at senior executive positions at large, medium size, and start-up companies. His past work experience includes Vice President of Marketing & Product Development for a leading automotive product company, Director of Marketing Strategy for the world leader in digital map development, head of a $100M division as Category Manager for a major oil company, and Vice President of Strategy & Franchising for a $1B restaurant chain. He also led sales & marketing for a location based information delivery start-up.  Ajay spoke at the JD Power & Associates conference on emerging technologies where he shared his vision of the car navigation marketplace with automotive industry leaders.

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